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Dr Raj Acquilla is a global leader in advanced medical aesthetics, facial contouring and non-surgical facelift, and Summit is where he shares his world-renowned expertise. When you join Summit, you get access to an ever-growing training resource that will help you take your own learning journey to the peak of the profession, earning CPD points as you go.

Summit is your opportunity to learn from the best. Dr Raj Acquilla is one of the world’s finest cosmetic experts, a practitioner who has lectured throughout Europe, South Africa, Japan, India, Australia and the USA, and who is a global ambassador for leading industry brands. Joining Summit gives you access to his wealth of knowledge, enabling you to develop insights and techniques with the potential to transform your career and put you on the road to the top.

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Tailor your learning with a customised dashboard

Your customised dashboard is at the heart of your Summit learning experience. You decide which modules to study and when to study them, building up your own learning journey with easy access at any time of the day or night. Your customised dashboard allows you to build the study course that’s right for you from the many modules available, tracking your journey, catching up with the latest content, and sharing your experience with our global Summit community.

New Summit modules are added frequently, ensuring that whether your learning journey is just beginning or you are already an experienced practitioner, you can improve and evolve under the mentorship of Dr Raj Acquilla.

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“My principles are grounded in the promotion of excellence, safety, science, education and not just satisfaction… but delighting my patients with exceptional results through precise facial mapping and beautification.”

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Summit is an online learning platform that allows learners all over the world to access high-quality video modules delivered by Dr Raj Acquilla. It is your route to professional development and personal growth – a journey that will enable you to advance your role as a facial aesthetics practitioner in your own clinic.

Not only do Summit’s online modules give you expert insights into the practice of facial beautification, they are also accredited by the CPD Certification Service, enabling you to earn CPD points and demonstrate that you are working hard to develop your career.

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Choose from 2 amazing packages

All plans have unlimited access to all foundation modules, you can choose the level to suit your learning needs.



Learning outcomes

  • This plan focuses on structural work for medical professionals
  • Enjoy unlimited access to all Foundation-level modules
  • New modules are released every month
  • Learners can expect the following learning outcomes:
    • Zygomatic Arch
    • Eminence of the Zygoma
    • Beautification Point
    • Jowl Reduction

£99a month



Learning outcomes

  • This plan focuses on structural, contouring (soft tissue augmentation), and refinement/textural work for medical professionals
  • Enjoy unlimited access to all modules on sign up
  • Instant access to all new modules as they are released
  • Learners can expect the following learning outcomes:
    • Temporal Fossa
    • Angle of the Mandible
    • Pre-jowl Sulcus
    • Lateral Labial Mental Crease
    • Chin
    • Oral Commissure
    • Pyriform
    • Nasolabial Fold
    • Lips
    • Infraorbital
    • Injection Rhinoplasty
    • Forehead

£999per annum


Dr Raj Acquilla’s world-leading techniques have made him a global authority on facial aesthetics. With each Summit module you study, you will benefit from his expertise and take another step on your own learning journey, gaining insights that will enable you play your part in transforming patients’ lives.

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Members from around the globe

5 stars
“Dr Raj Acquilla’s Summit online training platform has been one of the best investments I have made for my career. His knowledge is incredible – the way he explains anatomy and all the details. I can’t express how my skills have improved since starting this journey. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in taking their knowledge and career to the next level.” More
5 stars
Dr Bettina Kerbler
“I’ve attended classes with Dr Raj Acquilla for around three years, and since day one I’ve been convinced that he is the best mentor for me. All my patients are extremely happy with the results, so the success speaks for itself. During the COVID pandemic, I’ve benefited from Dr Acquilla’s amazing Summit platform. It’s the easiest way for me to quickly refresh my knowledge and skills without traveling from Switzerland to the UK. It is incredibly well thought out so everyone can profit from it – from beginners up to professionals.” More
5 stars
Dr Jordan Jacobs
“I cannot put into words what an honour it has been to learn and be mentored by Dr Raj Acquilla. He is a true leader who showcases extraordinary results. What I love most about Raj is that he doesn’t hold back his knowledge. He shares everything he knows because he wants you to be the best you can be. I have learned so much from his Summit online academy because it allows me to pause, rewind and replay intricate techniques that are difficult to absorb in just one sitting. It has completely transformed my practice!” More

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